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Poetry and the "sparks"

The following works by the Head Pastor R. Feldmanis can be read in Latvian:

The Peace Within a Man (Cilvēka miers),
I Shall Not Abandon You as Orphans (Es jūs nepametīšu bāreņus),
Fanaticism (Fanātisms),
The Spiritual Work (Garīgais darbs),
The Lost Penny (Pazudušais grasis),
The Calendar of a Pastor (Mācītāja kalendārs).

In this Chapter we offer short passages of the works by the pastor, professor R. Feldmanis. If you are interested to support and promote this work, please contact us.

What a worthless “value”!

Is it worth looking for!

(We, people, would most often refuse)

“It is just a trifling man!”


There is nobody worthless for God!

God has created everybody in his resemblance

And has wished for each a significant task –


God’s love!

“He has loved us while we were yet sinners” –

While we were “worthless” –

It is the great hope

For the trifling, for the lost –

The Calendar of a Pastor

1. Begin each new day and live it as if it was you last; act as if you still had many years ahead.

2. After God services and other spiritual duties are completed the final immediate work that should be done on Sunday  – (at least) is to read the Word of God for the following Sunday (“pericope”).

3. Joyful in spirit, enraptured in prayer, patient with people, temperate against lust.

(Translated by Alma Bernharda)



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