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Who is Roberts Feldmanis?

 Welcome to the homepage dedicated to the Head Pastor and Professor Roberts Feldmanis.

Roberts Feldmanis is one of the most eminent ecclesiastical servants of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (ELCL) of the XX century.

He was an outstanding historian, pastor, liturgist and spiritual father of the Church of Latvia; as well as the master for the young pastors, and his authority was also acknowledged outside the borders of Latvia.

The Head Pastor Roberts Feldmanis was a significant person both - in Latvia and in the world. In 2001 his biography was included in the editions of The International Biographical Centre of Cambridge “Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century”. He has devoted substantial contribution to the rebirth of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia during the Post-Soviet times.

He was the professor of Church history and with his academic work gave substantial contribution to the research of the history of Latvia and the Church of Latvia. Due to his unyielding position against the Soviet authority, it resulted in his exile to Siberia. After his return professor’s position had not altered. Thus his resolute and spiritual confidence, as well as his great influence on the Latvian intellectuals, was a contribute in the weakening of the Soviet authority and the rebirth of the State of Latvia. On October 30, 1998 (No1641) the Council of the Three-Star Order resolved to appoint the Head Pastor Roberts Feldmanis as the Officer of the Three-Star Order for his credit towards the State of Latvia. The nation of Latvia is proud of the Head Pastor R. Feldmanis. On May 28, 2002 the former president of Latvia Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga wrote in the condolences: “He (the Head Pastor R. Feldmanis) shall always remain in the memory of the nation as a pastor, who held his faith and conscience and his love for his country and its people above all the rest.”

(Translated by Alma Bernharda)



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